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Logical Data Corporation (LDC) is a privately held high-technology company specializing in the engineering, development, and support of computer system hardware and software products. The company has extensive experience in real-time measurement, control, communications, data base systems, and distributed computer architectures. Company products and services are used by the metals, petrochemical, utility, transportation, aerospace, and communications industries around the world.

Founded in 1978, LDC pioneered distributed data base, communications, and networking technologies, producing software products like INFINITY, TSX, and CNI. These products allowed computers and resources to be organized into distributed computing networks of mainframes, minicomputers, and PLCs functioning in client-server architectures--a configuration that now predominates in today's PC networks. In the early 1980s LDC integrated PCs with existing minicomputers by using serial communications links. By replacing CRTs, the functionality of existing workstations could be extended to improve the presentation of information by use of spreadsheets, graphics, and other powerful PC applications.

LDC's vision of modular, plug-and-play software components is now the accepted standard, witnessed by the explosion of popular commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products.

Today LDC leads the way in the support and migration of legacy systems via the Intelligent Peripheral Controller (IPC) product line, which allows aging proprietary system peripherals to be replaced with the latest PC technology. Often only the legacy CPU remains, supporting existing applications transparently, reducing support costs, extending the system's performance and connectivity, and setting the stage for migration to open systems. New LDC software products help customers safely integrate with and migrate to new computing architectures without disrupting existing production systems.

Logical Data Corporation is located in Malabar, Florida and houses a variety of open and legacy computer systems supporting current Windows, NT, DOS, UNIX, and older, proprietary MAX IV and MAX 32 operating systems. Computers include MODCOMP 9230, 7870, 7830, II/15, 9730, and 9088 systems, in addition to numerous PC-based systems. All are networked internally with access through the Internet. They support research and development, hardware and software engineering, manufacturing, documentation, consulting, customer services, and business functions.

LDC offers a wide range of in-house software and hardware engineering capabilities. These include consulting as well as design and implementation of all types of software, systems, and networks. The company also designs and manufactures digital hardware involving complex, high density, programmable logic using the latest state-of-the-art CAD/CAM design and simulation concepts, PC board layout, and production. The wealth of experience and broad capabilities with hardware and software assures customers that LDC has the ability to handle the most complex system design and implementation, safely carrying them into the 21st century.

LDC products include software designed to operate from a wide variety of platforms: MAX IV, MAX 32, REALIX 68k and 88k, Linux, HP/UX, DEC Alpha Open VMS, Windows, Windows NT.

We have two hardcopy product catalogs. One is for our extensive line of software products, and one is devoted exclusively to hardware products and hardware-related software. A composite product list with abbreviated product descriptions is available at this Web site. Also, be sure to check out our current news releases.

If you are interested in a product, we will be more than happy to provide, without any obligation, technical assistance in determining if it could be used to solve your specific problems. Logical Data Corporation provides more than software and hardware products. Our strength is our people--their care, concern, experience, and integrity. We appreciate your interest in our company, and we look forward to serving you in the near future.

"Our goal is to provide high quality, cost-effective solutions."

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