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IPC - Ultimate Peripheral System for MODCOMP Computers

IPC - ROM BIOS Setup for TYAN Tomcat IV Model S1564S

IPC - INFINITY/IX Interfaces for Instant INFINITY Data Base Migration (05/08/00)

INFINITY/IX - Data Base Manager Compatible with Multiple OS Platforms

INTERTWINE - Inventory, Purchasing, Plant Maintenance


Ultimate Peripheral System for MODCOMP Computers

LDC's Intelligent Peripheral Controller (IPC) advances your MODCOMP system to the latest technology while preserving your investment in CPU and software applications. The IPC connects directly to the MODCOMP I/O bus and supports a wide range of standard peripherals, including:

The IPC system starts with an advanced single-chip bus interface and utilizes a Pentium (PC) architecture to realize dramatic improvements in capacity and performance with impressive reductions in rack size and maintenance costs. It is typically housed in a rack-mounted enclosure with slides but is also available in deskside or desktop versions. Click here for a diagram showing a top view of a rack-mounted IPC.

Imagine a redundant mirror disk system up to 4 GB, an 8 GB DAT tape, 32 asynchronous channels, and Ethernet communications in a compact 7-inch high chassis. And there is still room for a PLC data highway interface and video display. Many systems can be reduced to a single rack with CPU and peripherals. Dual port and other multi-CPU configurations are supported easily by including additional I/O bus interfaces.

Operator interface software is included to operate a standard VGA color display, keyboard, and mouse. The software provides windows for the display of real-time data to allow thorough monitoring of your system peripherals as well as the IPC's memory allocation system. An optional SVGA color video display, keyboard, mouse, and extension cables in various lengths may be ordered to allow convenient operation up to 100 feet from the IPC.

Innovative IPC network software simplifies connectivity for your MODCOMP applications so they can share information with other systems and incorporate the newest graphical environments. With the vast number of PC interfaces available and the IPC's flexibility, the possibilities are endless.

Call Logical Data Corporation at (321) 723-7000 for further information, or request our IPC brochures: info@logicaldata.com

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ROM BIOS Setup for TYAN Tomcat IV Model S1564S

January 7, 1998

The TYAN Tomcat IV Model S1564S Pentium motherboard AWARD ROM BIOS software has a Main Menu that lets you access configuration and setup windows (as well as select functions such as default loading, password entry, IDE HDD auto detection, and save/exit). The following links show recommended configuration and setup data to use with IPC:

Please contact Logical Data Corporation if additional information is required. e-mail: support@logicaldata.com

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Data Base Manager Compatible with Multiple OS Platforms

After providing reliable data base manager functions under MODCOMP'S MAX IV and MAX 32 operating systems for over two decades, LDC's INFINITY Data Base Management System is now available for UNIX-based operating systems such as: LINUX, REALIX 68K/88K, DEC Alpha Open VMS, and HP/UX. This version of the product is called INFINITY/IX.

INFINITY/IX's Interface Library, providing all of the functions necessary to create, maintain, access, and update INFINITY/IX data base files on a local or remote INFINITY/IX server, is also available for Windows, Windows 95, and Windows NT systems.

INFINITY/IX is ideal for migrating existing INFINITY data base files and applications to these popular PC and UNIX-based platforms.

INFINITY/IX consists of a set of software components, which may be used in various combinations to meet site-specific needs. For example, a simple client application system requires only the INFINITY/IX Interface Library, while a network accessible data base system combines the Data Base Processor, Network Interface, and Interface Library with the Graphical Utility and/or Conversational Utilities.

Click for a more detailed description of INFINITY/IX and data base migration.

Call Logical Data Corporation at (321) 723-7000 for further information, or request information at info@logicaldata.com

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Inventory, Purchasing, Plant Maintenance

INTERTWINE is an innovative real-time system that automates and integrates Inventory, Purchasing, and Plant Maintenance functions using a modular approach. INTERTWINE is ready to use, or we can customize it to meet specific needs if desired. Click here for a diagram showing module relationships.

INTERTWINE may be configured and installed as a complete software package or as separate subsystems. Inventory and Purchasing modules are functionally independent and may be purchased separately. The Maintenance module must be accompanied by the Inventory module for optimum usage. The benefits of integrating all three modules include:

As the system is used, it builds up a wealth of information including machine maintenance histories, commodity descriptions in more than one format, commodity cross-referencing, and vendor data. In addition, information concerning storeroom supplies on hand (on backorder, on reserve, etc.), current status of work orders, material requisitions, purchase requisitions, and purchase orders, and much more data are available for immediate access from a terminal or personal computer at your desk or work station.

And you don't have to be a computer professional to take advantage of INTERTWINE! It is specifically designed for use by all levels of employees, from the corporate boardroom to the plant machine shop. It's easy because each individual using the INTERTWINE system chooses the function he needs from a user-specific menu--he sees only those screens that are necessary for doing his job. But the integrated nature of the system makes it possible for the whole company to benefit from the data entered on each level.

INTERTWINE MAINTENANCE handles all phases of work requests, estimation, approvals, scheduling, and dispatching to efficiently coordinate labor and material resources. Preventive Maintenance procedures can be thoroughly planned and prescheduled, and Emergency Maintenance procedures can be quickly approved and documented through the use of simple data entry screens.

All phases of the Work Order cycle are entered directly through on-line terminals or PCs. Work Requisitions are entered and reviewed, and estimates of material and labor requirements are added. INTERTWINE MAINTENANCE allows management and monitoring of the approval process to eliminate the "red tape" and time delays that often snag the Work Order cycle. After approvals have been obtained, the Work Requisition becomes a Work Order ready for printing, scheduling, and dispatching. At the same time, the handling of Material Requisitions necessary for completing the job will be streamlined with interfaces to INTERTWINE INVENTORY and INTERTWINE PURCHASING.

The current status of the Work Requisition and Work Order can be monitored at any point in the Work Order cycle. In time-critical situations, INTERTWINE MAINTENANCE permits Work Orders to be created directly, bypassing the estimating and approval cycle.

INTERTWINE INVENTORY is designed to handle material reservations, requisitions, approvals, issues, transfers, returns, and physical inventory reports for a plant or business with multiple storerooms. Inventory screens are designed to require a minimum amount of data entry, with as much information as possible provided from Inventory data base files. Inventory data base files allow searches by Noun Names, Part Numbers, Vendors, Manufacturers, and Common Names.

Stock reservations can be made by authorized employees for planned tasks, in addition to automatic Stock Reservations placed by the system when preventive maintenance tasks are upcoming. Insufficient quantities of any item may be added to a backorder list directly from the Stock Issue screen. In addition, various reports compare quantities available with maximum and minimum points and list commodities that need to be reordered.

Emergency issuing of materials can be done quickly when authorized employees use the Special Issue or Off-Turn Issue screen.

INTERTWINE PURCHASING automates the ordering, receiving, and distributing of materials for a plant or business. A full range of ordering functions is provided, including Standing, Blanket, Agreement, Change, and Cancel Orders.

As the system is used, a comprehensive data base of information about vendors, commodities, and price comparisons is built. Buyers and expediters will be able to transfer desired information directly onto Purchase Requisitions, Requests for Quotations, and Purchase Orders without any handwriting or a lot of typing. Standard heading and trailing notes can also be kept on file for reuse.

Automation of the Approval cycle will speed the processing of Purchase Requisitions. The computer can also do an analysis on information returned from Requests for Quotations, so the best price for an item or for all items being ordered can be easily determined.

Provisions are made for transfer of information to your existing Accounts Payable system.

Call Logical Data Corporation at (321) 723-7000 for further information, or request our INTERTWINE brochure: info@logicaldata.com

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